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Education Campaign, Online Journal/Publication

We help people of all ages to understand and appreciate Tourism & Travel, Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage. We are working with private sectors and academia to support and educate the public and next generation.

Charmingly Cultured Talk Show is a virtual informal chat show of MTWO via

Social media (Facebook) aiming to entertain, educate, unite, and give updates among past winners and the worldwide audience and followers of Mister Tourism World. This event was held last 6th of December 2020 participated by reigning and past winners.

Participants as follows:

Jeremy Lensink - Mister Tourism World 2019- 3rd runner up

Orisirs Richetti-   Mister Tourism World 2018- 2nd runner up

Sarj Shresrtha-    Mister Tourism World 2016-  1st runner up

Okkar Maung-     Mister Tourism World 2016 - Winner

Joshua Lennet -  Mister Tourism World 2017 - Winner

Danial Hansen -  Mister Tourism World 2019-20 - Winner

joshua 3.jpg
darma (1).jpg

Our Mister Tourism World 2017 Joshua Lennet as a Keynote Speaker at SEKOLAH DARMA YUDHA on August 24, 2018 for Travel and Tourism Talk Show about " BUILDING SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE YOUTH TRAVEL AND TOURISM" attended by students, faculty and tourism ambassadors.

Darma Yudha  means "Young Achiever" which is the best school in Riau, Indonesia. For them using modern education system by bringing together the balance of left and right brain, firmly endorsed with caliber teaching-team and maximal facilities to unfold "every child unique dream".

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