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Together, We can Build a Better World


Inspiring the young generation who are working with us, through Spirit of Cooperation and Social Responsibility is the center of our cause for a long term goals. We dream a Better World which we call our home with harmony, prosperity, peace, respect and understanding. We act with hope, determination and commitment of giving back to local communities, thus to make a difference towards a better world.

The organization's goals are specific and specialized, and we are working in the following areas of interest:

Supporting Sustainable Tourism and Safe Travel

Sustainable Tourism is a way of traveling and exploring the destinations while respecting its culture, environment and drive economic growth to local people.

It simply means sustaining the resources or avoiding depletion of the resources- whether environmental, economic or cultural.


Travel shouldn't be harmful. Travel must show that we care. Travel and Tourism has the potential to make the world a better place.- by bringing economic benefits to poorer destinations, through cultural exchange, understanding and self growth.

Mister Tourism World Organizations (MTWO) aims to support this concept of travel by putting it into practice. We do public awareness and education through social media platform, informal Talk Show and promotion campaign.

Respect our Biodiversity

A Future for People and Nature!

Together we can challenge to treat the nature gently and helps ensure its ability to provide- for the sake of every living thing, including ourselves. At Mister Tourism World, we believe that Tourism can not be sustained if we don't have healthy wildlife and nature (Biodiversity).

To achieve this ambitious goals, we work to educate and influence people in making sustainable choices and decisions. We work in collaboration with government, private sectors, NGOs, Academia and local communities in making a difference in creating healthy future for our planet. Recently, we launched Charity Program and Symbolic Adoption of Animals.

Promotion of Cultural Understanding

We exist to promote the recognition of Culture as vital to human development that respond to our National Identity and Diversity. Mister Tourism World Organization (MTWO) acts as catalyst to promote understanding of development, respect and unity through cultural diversity as seen through" cultural lenses"

Through the years, the organization staged the International Tourism Conference/ Forum and 
World Tourism Fashion Festival (WTFF) to encourage cultural exchange ideas. Recently, Cultural Exchange Program on selected countries were initiated.

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